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Who can benefit from the affiliate program of the camxweb network ?

Any person of legal adult age as determined in his/her country (minimum 18 years old).

How can I make money?

By using our system as a sponsor platform you can make money two different ways, which can be combined:

There's no program to install so no trace on your computer, no virus or other.

You start the activity and stop it when you want it. You choose your own schedule.

How much money can I make?

Hiring webcam performers or webmasters ?

For any webcam performer you'll refer you'll get 10% of all her monthly earnings.

Click here to see an example of an affiliate payout

If a performer who registered on your website or your link makes EUR 1000 over a month and another one makes EUR 250, you’ll get EUR 100 + EUR 25 = EUR 125.

On the clients'reloads

Once the customer is registered on camxweb.com to get your commission on every reload (purchase of credits packages and pay per minute).

We'll earn between EUR 2 and EUR 110 on every customer's reloads without having started the chat session yet.

Detailed payouts are available by clicking here (webmaster section).

Click here to see an example of possible earnings by combining different money sources

1st example :
You refer a customer who buys a « XL » pack of credits on www.camxweb.com and spends his credits on a performer you referred. You’ll get EUR15 on the reload and EUR1,96 on the performer’s live show i.e. EUR 16,96!
2nd example :
You referred a customer last mont hand he buys 3 « M » packs of credits on www.camxweb.com. You get 3 x EUR4 = EUR12 without doing anything this month!

How does it work?

It's exactly the same to bring us new customers on camxweb.com, a webcam performer on our webcam and premium lines recruitment page or a webmaster on our adult webmaster page :

Once you're registered you'll get a unique ID and a URL (address http://). Your main activity will then to webcast this URL (which contains your ID) as much as possible (using emails, blogs, social networks,...). Every person who registers on this link will be linked to your ID forever.

So if you know people who might be interested or if you often visit forums, blogs and other social networks then share it on all of them and make easy money every month!

How will I get paid?

We pay you every month through wire transfer, Paypal or Skrill (which allows you to spend your money with a Mastercard or bring back your earnings on your bank account).

The minimum amount to request a payment is EUR125 (EUR25 for the first payment) but we can pay you on demand even if this amount is not reached according to our general terms of use.

In a spirit of discretion we'll soon provide new payment methods such as Hipay Wallet and Payoneer.

Want to be even more active?

If you're a woman then register as webcam performer by clicking here.

If you want to manage your own website as a webmaster then click here.

More info?

You can contact us and view all our products on https://sponsors.only4info.com.

If you need help or more info once you're registered feel free to contact us through the administration menu on https://only4info.com.

See you soon!

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