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To make some extra money every month or as a full-time job

Who can be a webcam hostess?

Every girl or woman who is of legal adult age in her country (minimum 18 years old) can be a webcam performer.

What does the job consist in?

You log in with your webcam and a browser (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox on our system) and you wait for visitors to come on your profile then do what you can to retain him as long as possible on your profile.

There’s no program to install so no risk of traces, virus or others on your computer.

You start and stop the activity when you want it and you make your own schedule.

Do I have to get undressed?

No ! There’s no obligation but keep in mind that visitors are usually horny and expect some hot stuff when they select your profile.

Some girls like to expose themselves, others like to show off or play it like the « give and take » but there’s no obligation. If you’d rather expose yourself anonymously no problem, no obligation to show your face.

How much will I earn?

You’ll start with a regular liveshows performer account, which will allow you to make between EUR 0,24 and EUR 0,30 per minute and per visitor according to the payment method. You’ll usually earn EUR 0,28 per chat minute.

If you referred the customer (throuh personal promotion), you get a commission on each customer’s reload without having started the chat session yet (more info below in the « I’d like to make money even when I’m offline » section)!

Always remember that you can have several visitors at the same time (with 2 different chat sessions), which allows you to multiply your earnings.

Click here to see an example of possible gains on a 1 hour live show.

Example based on 1 hour :
  • You have 2 visitors during 10 min (1 at EUR 0,28 and another one at EUR 0,30/min)
  • Then 1 visitor during 40 min (1 at EUR 0,28/min)
  • Then 2 again during 40 min (1 at EUR 0,24/min and another one at EUR 0,28/min)

Your earnings will be EUR 5,80 for the first 10 minutes. EUR 11,20 for the next 40 min and EUR 5,20 for the 10 min remaining so EUR 22,20/h.

Try to make the conversation last to keep the visitor horny, which will attract new customers to make it even more profitable for you.

You’ll be able to unlock more payful options under certain conditions afterwards - click here for more info

  • Gift option : visitors can send you virtual gifts during a chat session (from EUR 0,50 to EUR 2,50 per gift)
  • Premium option : Kinky performers will have the opportunity to request the Premium mode, which doubles your earnings per minute (from EUR 0,54 to EUR 0,60/min)
  • Best models option : For all performers who earn more than EUR 1500/month the payout is brought up to EUR 0,35 for all payment methods (i.e. EUR 0,70 in premium mode)
  • Website : For all webcam performers who make more than EUR 1500/month will get a fully functional personalwebsite on demand

All details regarding payouts are available here (performer section).

I’d like to make money even when I’m offline. How do I proceed?

Yes ! Besides making money during a live session you can make some extra cash by referring either new webcam performers or new potential customers you met on social networks, other chat websites, blogs, forums, swinger sites, personal ads,...

Female friends of yours might be interested?

You’ll earn 10% of all monthly earnings of a webcam performer you’ll refer.

Click here to see an example of sponsor payout.

If one of your friends makes EUR 1000 over a month and another one makes EUR 250,00 you’ll earn EUR 125,00 without doing anything.

You know men who want to chat online with you on webcam ? An opportunity to make even more money without having to chat or perform shows.

If you have existing customers on other chat systems or if you have fans on a blog or through ads, you can make money as well. You just have to tell them to register through your personal link on to get your commission on each of their reloads even if they visit another performer’s profile.

So you’ll earn between EUR 2,00 and EUR 110,00 on the customer’s every reload without having started a chat session yet.

Click here to see an example of possible earnings through different money sources

Example 1 :
You refer a customer who buys a « XL » pack of credits on and spends all his credits on a chat session with you. You’ll get EUR15,00 on the reload (without having started a chat session yet) and the client stays 70 min so EUR 19,60 for you as live show earnings. In this example you make EUR 34 in 70 min !
Example 2 :
You refer a customer who buys a « XL » pack of credits on and spends his credits on a performer you referred. You’ll get EUR 15,00 on the reload and EUR 1,96 on the performer’s live show i.e. EUR 16,96!
Example 3 :
You refer a customer who buys 3 « M » packs of credits on You’ll get 3 x EUR 4,00 so EUR 12,00 without doing anything for that!

All details regarding payouts are available here (webmaster section).

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How will I get paid?

We pay you every month through wire transfer, Paypal or Skrill (which allows you to spend your money with a Mastercard or bring back your earnings on your bank account).

The minimum amount to request a payment is EUR 125,00 (EUR 25,00 for the first payment) but we can pay you on demand even if this amount is not reached according to our general terms of use.

In a spirit of discretion we'll soon provide new payment methods such as Hipay Wallet and Payoneer.

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