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Who can be a pornsite webmaster?

Anyone who is of legal adult age in his/her country (minimum 18 years old).

How can I make money?

By using our system as a sponsor you can make money 2 different ways, which can be combined:

There’s no program to install so no trace on your computer, no virus or other.

You start the activity and stop it when you want it. You choose your own schedule.

I already manage a website so how can I monetize it thanks to your affiliate system?

If you already have a website there’re 3 options:

You can also integrate our webcams in white label with your own payment system via the camxshare solution. Click here for more information.

I have no adult website and I’d like to manage one, how can I proceed?

Don’t worry about that we can provide you with a free website!

You can create a website tailored to your needs and we manage the traffic, we take care of the maintenance and host it for free. All you’ll have to pay is the domain name for a 1year period and if the website generates traffic we’ll renew the domain for free as well.

This solution allows you to remain anonymous.

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I want to promote your products without managing any site. How can I do?

We have an affiliation/sponsoring system made for you.

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How will I get paid?

We pay you every month through wire transfer, Paypal or Skrill (which allows you to spend your money with a Mastercard or bring back your earnings on your bank account).

The minimum amount to request a payment is EUR 125,00 (EUR 25,00 for the first payment) but we can pay you on demand even if this amount is not reached according to our general terms of use.

In a spirit of discretion we'll soon provide new payment methods such as Hipay Wallet and Payoneer.

How much will I earn?

Hiring webcam performers or webmasters.

You’ll earn 10% of all monthly earnings of a webcam performer you’ll refer.

Cliquez-ici pour voir un Example of de rétribution du parrainage

If a performer you referred makes EUR 1000,00 over a month and another one makes EUR 250,00.
You’ll earn EUR 100,00 + EUR 25,00 = EUR 125,00.

On the customers’ reloads

Once the customer is registered on you get your commission on every reload (purchase of credits packages or pay per minute via premium phone lines).

We’ll earn between EUR 2,00 and EUR 110,00 on every customer’s reloads.

All details regarding payouts are available here (webmaster section).

Click here to see an example of possible earnings by combining different money sources

Example1 :
You refer a customer who buys a « XL » pack of credits on and spends his credits on a performer you referred. You’ll get EUR 15,00 on the reload and EUR 1,96 on the performer’s live show i.e. EUR 16,96!
Example2 :
A customer you referred last month buys 3 « M » packs of credits on You’ll get 3 x EUR 4,00 so EUR 12,00 without doing anything for that!
Your commissions will increase according to your results. For a XL pack for instance a « newbie » webmaster (less than EUR 5000/month) will get EUR 15,00 while a « platinium » webmaster (more than EUR 20000/month) will get EUR 20,00).

What are your products?

We propose the following adult services :

Why choosing us as adult sponsor?

You get paid every month by a company based in Luxemburg.

We are one of the only platforms that provide genuine French-speaking performers. Our models are mainly French, Belgian or Swiss.

Unlike most adult sponsors we guarantee (which can be verified on your administration menu) you will keep your customers and partners for life ! Indeed, Lots of our competitors will send you wonderful T-shirts and other gifts but they’ll stop paying your performer and webmaster commissions after several months. It’s far different on camxweb : If you referred a customer one year ago and if he’s still active then you keep receiving your commissions on his reloads – better than a shirt!

Our platform has had an availability rate (SLA) of 99.9998% over the last 5 years and we’re directly connected to the main European access providers in order to maintain the highest stability for all of our users.

Need more info?

You can contact us and view all our products on

If you need help or more info once you’re registered feel free to contact us on the administration menu on

See you soon!

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